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Bunn Automatic Coffee Maker: Two Warmers

Bunn Automatic Coffee Maker: Two Warmers

A BUNN AUTOMATIC COFFEE MAKER offers business establishments, both large and cozy, great tasting coffee each brew simply, consistently, and quickly. These commercial coffee makers (click here for the top-level view) provide you with restaurant quality coffee and the innovative features and performance you deserve. A Bunn Coffee Maker with Two Warmers-each controlled individually-enables you to simultaneously brew into one decanter and keep coffee fresh and warm in the other. For instant foods and tea, most Bunn Automatic Coffee Makers also boast a convenient hot water faucet. Satisfy the needs of your office or cafe with Bunn coffee makers, right here on our site. If you have questions, a CoffeeMakersEtc professional has the answers! Call us today with any concerns or for more detailed product information.

Conveniently, a Bunn Automatic Coffee Maker with Two Warmers uses a common water supply connection. Additionally, Bunn's patented SplashGuard plastic funnel deflects hot liquids away from the barista's hand for added safety. Consider some of the following automatic coffee systems to find the best fit for your business today:

  • The Bunn OL20 Coffee Maker
    This model features one upper and one lower warmer, specifically designed to operate at optimum capacity even in uneven or low water pressure environments. This Bunn Automatic Coffee Maker brews up to six gallons of perfect coffee each hour into attractive decanters.
  • The Bunn OT20 Coffee Maker
    Offering users a compact footprint, this compact automatic coffee maker is perfect for diners, cafes, or family restaurants with limited counter space. Made of stainless steel, this durable and easy to clean brewer adds an attractive touch to any server area or self service station.
  • The Bunn VLPF
    Featuring two front mounted lower warmers, the Bunn VLPF model lets you hold hot water or coffee at the ideal temperature in your serving area. This brewer makes up to 3.8 gallons of coffee every hour into the decanters. Its black finish and stainless steel give the Bunn Automatic Coffee Maker a handsome feel and durable construction.

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