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Bunn Pour Over Coffee Maker: Two Warmers

Bunn Pour Over Coffee Maker: Two Warmers

When you need the "Brew that is True," look no further than a POUR OVER COFFEE MAKER manufactured by Bunn. These highly portable commercial coffee maker appliances do not require a direct waterline: simply plug pour over BUNN COFFEE MAKERS into any outlet in your office break room, coffee bar, waiting room, and countless other locations. Due to their compact size and shape, a Pour Over Coffee Maker sits neatly on most countertops, even in tight spots. With CoffeeMakersEtc, you can find the perfect commercial coffee maker to meet your business needs, big or small. Browse our comprehensive inventory now, or call us for near-immediate, personal attention!

Just what the office ordered, Bunn Pour Over Coffee Makers come in a variety of models, including the Two Warmers option. These versatile coffee machines make brewing a breeze, enabling you to always have hot coffee ready at hand. For all the coffee drinkers that frequent your establishment, simultaneously make a pot of regular as well as decaf, ready and waiting.

Most Bunn pour over coffee brewers boast stainless steel components, keeping your coffee tasting great for hours at a time. Offering unparalleled convenience, a Pour Over Coffee Maker does not need to be attached to any plumbing. Instead, such models are portable, allowing you to bring the brewer from the meeting room to the break room to the kitchen-wherever you need it most. Perfect for your business or office, Bunn Coffee Makers serve as the greatest investment you can make for your establishment: they offer versatility, durability, and reliability. Brew the same fresh, aromatic coffee sure to entice customers and keep your workers happy!

A Pour Over Coffee Maker with Two Warmers has two heating and brewing stations that can be controlled separately, offering you the versatility you need to prepare different, crowd-pleasing, flavored coffee brews. Most models offered on CoffeeMakersEtc also have the innovative SplashGuard funnel, which adds extra safety and peace of mind. For improved brewing safety, trust the SplashGuard feature, which serves as a shield near the handle to deflect hot and possibly dangerous liquids away from the hand if the operator removes the brewer before the brew cycle has completed.

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