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Bunn Espresso Accessories

Bunn Espresso Accessories

Bunn, manufacturer of innovative commercial coffee makers, also makes espresso accessories.

Bunn's Espresso Cup Heater is a stand-alone unit that will heat your espresso cups so that they will keep espresso warmer, longer, for your clients' drinking pleasure. Convection air currents circulate inside the unit to keep cups warm. Three shelves can hold up to one dozen standard espresso cups with handles. However, there is no reason to restrict Bunn's Espresso Cup Heater to espresso cups. It will warm any durable tea or coffee cup that can fit into it, so that non-espresso drinks also stay warmer, longer.

Like most Bunn coffeemakers, the Espresso Cup Heater is made of durable, attractive stainless steel. The attached cord plugs into a regular outlet with 2-wire grounded service at 120 volts and single-phase 50 to 60 Hz. The Espresso Cup Heater weighs 22 pounds and has a two-year parts and one-year labor warranty.

Bunn's Espresso Refrigerator is meant to be used with Bunn's Espresso Machines. It will hold two 1-gallon or 3.79 liter standard milk jugs and when used with Bunn Espresso Machines, it can either deliver a higher volume of a single type of milk or two different types of milk.

The Espresso Refrigerator can be mounted either side-by-side with a Bunn Espresso Machine or, if you prefer to reserve precious counter space for your Bunn coffeemaker, below the counter. Stainless steel construction and an optional unit to rinse automatically milk delivery tubes make the Espresso Refrigerator easy to clean. (This unit is mandatory in side-by-side installations.) A compressor cools the cabinet; you control temperature, which an internal thermometer enables you to verify at a glance, by thermostat.

The left-hinged door locks and the interior has .07 cubic feet (.198 cubic cm) of space. The attached cord plugs into a regular outlet that has 2-wire grounded service of 120 volts and single-phase 60 Hz. The Espresso Refrigerator weighs 40 pounds and is also covered by a two-year parts and one-year labor warranty.

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 Bunn Espresso Cup Heater   Bunn Espresso Cup Heater   35800.0400   $1,399.95 
 Bunn Espresso Refrigerator   Bunn Espresso Refrigerator   35800.0403   $989.95 
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