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Bunn Tea Concentrate Dispensers

Bunn Tea Concentrate Dispenser

Bunn, whose fine commercial coffee makers are used world-wide, also offers two tea concentrate dispensers to serve your needs. These tea concentrate dispensers are designed to good look during a long service life. They will coordinate well with your battery of Bunn coffee makers, tea brewers and other Bunn products.

The The TCD-1 Tea Concentrate Dispenser mixes and dispenses tea concentrate with water through a venturi valve that siphons the tea concentrate through to the mixing valve. This dispenser will accept two 1-gallon jugs of concentrate* in the top of the container or bags-in-boxes. There is a rear shut-off valve for ease in cleaning the dispenser, while an integral pressure regulator provides an even product-to-water ratio for consistent quality. You can adjust the concentrate-to water-ratio from 5:1 to 15:1. Off-set handles on the sides make close side-by-side placement possible. It is made of stainless steel and has a solid plastic lid. This dispenser weighs 17. 1 pounds.

The The TCD-2 Tea Concentrate Dispenser is similar in all respects, except that it has two dispenser faucets and weighs slightly more, 19.6 pounds.

Both dispensers are 22.25 inches high by 12.8 inches wide by 18.2 inches deep. Their metric dimensions are 58.5 centimeters high by 32.5centimeters wide by 48 centimeters deep. Neither tea concentrate dispenser requires electrical service. They have a cubic measurement of 4.23ft 3in. Their plumbing is rated for 30 to 90 psi (207-621 kPa) and the unit requires a 1-gallon per minute (3.79 liters per minute) line flow capacity. A quarter-inch male flare fitting is supplied with each dispenser.

Accessories for these dispensers include the TDO lid retainer and a drip tray, which must be used in conjunction with the TCD booster stand.

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 Bunn TCD-2 Tea Concentrate Dispenser   Bunn TCD-2 Tea Concentrate Dispenser   37750.0002   $369.95 
 Bunn TCD-1 Tea Concentrate Dispenser   Bunn TCD-1 Tea Concentrate Dispenser   37750.0000   $269.95 
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