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Duals Bunn Satellite Brewers

Duals Bunn Satellite Brewers

Bunn Coffee Makers offer a functionally sophisticated line of Bunn Satellite Brewers, all toting a wide variety of unique, high volume capabilities paired with style. The Bunn Dual 1.5 Gallon Servers come in two models, both at the same $1,899.95 price. The 120/208V/30 amp model produces 16.3 gallons per hour as opposed to the 120/240V/30 amp which produces 18.9.

Both models include similar features:

  • Variable Bypass, a Brew Smart concept, ensures proper coffee extraction for all batch sizes
  • Funnels- Stainless Steel
  • 3 batch settings (.5,1 or 1.5 gallon)
  • Variable water bypass
  • Electronic timer and grinder
  • 2/1.5 GPH servers include patented Safety-Fresh brew-through lid with spill protection and vapor seal

The Bunn Dual 1.5 Gallon Economy Server is a similar model to the previous with a few exceptions. While it still boasts a 16.3 GPH, Brew Smart's variable bypass, Safety-Fresh brew-through lids and most other features it has plastic funnels and only 1 batch setting. This model is economizing in more than just name since it retails for $1,749.95.

The last satellite brewer offered by the Bunn Coffee Makercompanyhas many incredible features to ensure the best product and most convenient system. The Bunn Dual BrewWISE DBC, providing 18.9 GPH, is a superior model which includes:

  • Create and store custom recipes with BrewWISE Recipe Writer on your PC (Windows compatible) that will display on brewer LCD
  • Pre-infusion and pulse-brew coffee extraction with temperature and coffee strength control with bypass
  • Wireless brewer/grinder interface through Smart Funnel
  • Reduce tank temperature in Energy Saver mode for idle times
  • Patented Safety-Fresh brew-through lid
  • Advanced diagnostic service tools on front panel for troubleshooting switches and electrical

All of Bunn's Satellite brewers and commercial coffee makershave excellent high volume capabilities perfect for providing quality coffee. Each model includes features which make them not only user friendly but convenient and cost efficient. 1-3 year warranties on parts and labor along with stainless steel construction ensure a durable machine that will constantly provide high-quality product.

    Product Name   Model-   Price   Buy Now 
 Bunn Dual BrewWISE DBC - 1.5Gal. Servers   Bunn Dual BrewWISE DBC - 1.5Gal. Servers   35900.0010   $2,149.95 
 Bunn Dual - 1.5Gal. Servers - 120/240V/30amp   Bunn Dual - 1.5Gal. Servers - 120/240V/30amp   20900.0011   $1,899.95 
 Bunn Dual - 1.5Gal. Servers - 120/208V/30amp   Bunn Dual - 1.5Gal. Servers - 120/208V/30amp   20900.0010   $1,899.95 
 Bunn Dual - 1.5Gal. Servers - Economy   Bunn Dual - 1.5Gal. Servers - Economy   20900.0008   $1,749.95 
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