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Concordia Coffee Systems

Concordia Coffee Systems, founded in 2004, has rapidly become a global leader in manufacturing commercial self-service cappuccino machines. Instead of focusing on a plethora of coffee accessories, like Bunn coffee makers, the company strives to provide the most reliable, innovative, and user-friendly cappuccino systems. Concordia Coffee Systems developed the first fully automated espresso system on the market, which combines milk steaming, grinding, and coffee brewing. Integrated in a single system, your customers can easily make numerous drinks-such as an Americana, cappuccino, espresso, latte, and even cold beverages-at the touch of a button. The best part-no barista or training required! Ideal for hotels, cafeterias, colleges, convenience stores, restaurants, office, and numerous other food and beverage service environments, Concordia Coffee Systems ensures reliable machines that produce great-tasting coffee, each brew.

As an aside, we also carry a great variety of commercial coffee makers and other relevant equipment for beverage professionals. You may wish to browse some of the following:

While Concordia Coffee Systems enjoys global success, each system is rigorously tested, manufactured, and designed in the U.S. Offering customers unparalleled reliability, productivity, and potential profitability, Concordia Coffee Systems makes brewing a high-quality espresso beverage as easy as the touch of a button. CoffeeMakersEtc stocks numerous Concordia cappuccino machines, each designed for unique applications. Browse our product list to find the right equipment for your business, and please feel free to contact us with any feedback, questions, or concerns.

Some of the featured Concordia Coffee Systems available through CoffeeMakersEtc include:

  • The Integra, ideal for moderate-volume locations, like smaller cafes, or a backup machine source for large operations, like a college cafeteria. This easy-to-use system-perfect for self-service-boasts a pictured touchpad, making drink selection seamless.
  • The Integra 4, ideal for larger-volume establishments like hotels. This fully automatic machine delivers a vast range of cafe-quality beverages all in a single machine. In addition to cappuccino, the system's available menu consists of 164 different drink combinations.
  • The Xpress 6, ideal for large-volume, high-traffic environments like bustling offices. This automated coffee system offers an extensive beverage menu of 850 drinks, infusing flavors directly into the milk through patented Concordia Coffee Systems technology.

While a Bunn coffee maker undoubtedly produces great-tasting coffee each brew, a Concordia Coffee Systems machine perhaps offers more beverage versatility, especially in self-service environments.

    Product Name+   Model   Price   Buy Now 
 Concordia Integra   Concordia Integra   Integra   $11,500.00 
 Concordia Integra 4   Concordia Integra 4   Integra 4   $14,950.00 
 Concordia Xpress 6 Beverage System   Concordia Xpress 6 Beverage System   Xpress 6   $19,100.00 
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