Concordia Xpress 6 Beverage System [Xpress 6]

Concordia Xpress 6 Beverage System - High Volume Self-Serve

Financing of the model is available through Harbour Capital.

The Concordia Xpress 6 offers a full café menu in one compact system. The Xpress 6 replaces multiple machines saving both space and cost. Menu options include Americano, espresso shots, latte, cappuccino, mocha, chai latte, hot chocolate, hot water for tea, flavored lattes and cappuccinos, and custom creations. The Xpress 6 even makes sensational iced drinks. You simply fill a cup with ice, press the cold drink button, select your drink—and the IBS6 does the rest. The EspressJet™ Flavor System provides 6 premium syrups and sauce options including chocolate, caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, sugar-free vanilla, and chai. that are steamed directly into the milk in Concordia’s proprietary, and patent pending process. Flavors are “infused” into the beverage and won’t settle to the bottom of the cup. The Xpress 6 also features two grinders so you can expand your beverage offering.

Detailed Product Features

Simple to Use – No Barista Required - Fresh beans, fresh milk, fresh syrups and sauces; everything needed to make outstanding beverages is built right into the Xpress 6. Your customers just choose their drink and press a button. The Xpress 6 does the rest, in one simple step, with no training required. The simple cleaning process takes only about 10 minutes a day.

Quality Beverages - The computer controlled grinding and extraction process is programmed to your specifications, insuring that every beverage is created the same each time the button is pressed. The temperature and consistency of the milk is also computer controlled, and set to the type of beverage selected. Fresh syrups and sauces are programmed to your specifications and precisely measured for each beverage combination. Espresso, steamed milk, and flavors are poured simultaneously, at just the right time, so perfect cappuccinos and lattes are made without moving the cup.

Many Drink Choices - You have the option of offering one of the four basic espresso drinks: Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, and Americano. Drinks can be easily customized with options that include a large drink, decaf or extra espresso shot. The Xpress 6 even makes sensational iced drinks - simply fill a cup with ice and press the “Cold Drink” button; the Xpress 6 does the rest. Additionally hot water or steamed milk can be selected for making tea, cocoa, and steamers. And cold milk can be dispensed at the touch of a button. Along with flavored syrups, hundreds of drink recipes can be made.

Easy to use Touchpad - The photo-enhanced touchpad makes it easy for self-serve users to customize their own drinks

On-board Refrigerator - Built-in refrigerator holds fresh milk in a one gallon container.

EspressJet™ Syrup System - Provides 6 premium Torani-brand syrups and sauces including chocolate, caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, sugar-free vanilla, and chai. Flavors are steamed directly into the milk at the touch of a button.

Dual Grinders - dual tinted hoppers allow for 2 kinds of coffee and protect beans from light exposure to keep beans extra fresh.

164 Different Beverage Combinations
* Latte
* Cappuccino
* Mocha
* Fresh Brewed Coffee
* Espresso
* Chai Latte
* Hot Chocolate
* Steamed Milk (for flavored steamers)
* Flavor combinations like caramel hot chocolate or vanilla mocha
* Iced drinks
* Hot Water for tea
* Flavored Lattes and Cappuccinos
* Custom Creations
* Two programmable drink sizes

Included in Price:
- One-Year Warranty with Expanded Service Included M-F 8:00-5:00 local time. One-Year Warranty includes all parts and labor unlimited number of service calls
- One Preventive Maintenance visit if machine requests it
- 130-day supply Cleaning Kit
- Opti-Pure Water Softener
- One 6-pack Torani Syrup Kit with IBS6

Additional Charges:
- Installation/Calibration/Training - $600
- Freight Charges - Call for quote
- G-8 Vending Unit

Tested and Certified by NSF

Hooks up to waterline

Dimensions: 19in (w) x 24in (d) x 27in (h)
Weight: 175 lbs.
Electrical: 208 VAC, 30Amp dedicated circuit
Water: Min 30psi, Max 100psi, 25 gallons per hour flow
Drain: 1 in OD indirect drain
Warranty: Parts and labor (unlimited service calls) for 12 months from date of installation

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