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Curtis Coffee Makers

Curtis Coffee Makers, synonymous with the world's most advanced, comprehensive commercial coffee brewing equipment, compete directly with more household names, such as Bunn coffee makers. In addition to coffee products, Curtis offers top-of-the-line iced tea brewing systems and specialty beverage dispensers. Family-operated for over 60 years, the company has artfully married quality Curtis coffee makers with highly innovative technology, building a trusted name in the commercial beverage equipment industry. Among other products, the current brand's coffee equipment includes:

  • Decanters.
  • Airports and Thermals.
  • Satellites.
  • High-Volume Combo Brewing Systems.
  • High-Volume and Hotel Brewing Systems.

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While Curtis remains deeply rooted in family values and personal loyalty, the company embraces new innovations and technological achievement to remain abreast of the competition. Notable Curtis coffee makers milestones include:

  • The introduction of a removable Satellite brewer, now an industry standard, which is a hybrid between a convention urn and a decanter.
  • The development of Advanced Digital System (ADS) technology, the industry's first line of digitally controlled coffee equipment.
  • The evolution of Generation Three (G3) technology, where digital controls equal reduced maintenance costs.

Today, Curtis coffee makers continue to lead the way with fully automated brewing systems, unbeatable customer service, and environmental awareness.

Much like a Bunn coffee maker, a Curtis coffee brewer is built with environmental consciousness. The brand views environmental conservation as a passion rather than a responsibility. Taking steps to reduce their products' carbon footprint, outbound Curtis coffee makers are packaged in reused, inbound materials, including air-filled bags, cardboard corner guards, and Styrofoam packaging. As the company continues to expand its Curtis coffee makers line, it incorporates more ecofriendly strategies and tactics into production and everyday business practices. Reducing waste, conserving energy, and optimizing efficiency play a large role in Curtis' commitment to sustainability: for Curtis coffee makers, the future looks green.

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