Curtis Thermopro 1.9L Server, Stainless, Decaf Lid (case of 6) [TLXP1901S000]

Curtis Thermopro 1.9L Server, Stainless, Decaf Lid - case of 6

Image shows model with black top - this model has orange on the top for decaf coffee.

Stainless with Black Top and Orange Lid

Case of 6

ThermoPro™ Pour Pot Servers with Insulated Stainless Steel Liner are constructed entirely of stainless steel for durable, long-lasting use. Each features vacuum insulation to maintain coffee’s just-brewed temperature and seal in its tempting aroma and flavor for hours without additional heat.

ThermoPro Servers (CLXP Models) are compatible with the new Curtis G3 Alpha™, Thermo Alpha, and other decanter-style brewers.

Detailed Product Description:

Holds 1.9L

High Tech Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Liner keeps coffee hot and at its peak of freshness without additional warming.

Stainless steel liner for durability - will not break when bumped or dropped.

Brew-Direct Design means Curtis Airpots fit directly below the brew cone for simple one-step filling.

Ergonomically Engineered with a comfortable handle and large spout allow for easy pouring.

Size: 11-1/4"H
Weight: 3 pounds each

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 17 July, 2008.