Fetco CBS-51H-15 Coffee Brewer [CBS-51H-15]

Fetco CBS-51H-15 Coffee Brewer

Single 1.5 gallon Coffee Brewer

The Fetco CBS-51H-15 brews directly into the 1.5 gallon TPD style Luxus® Thermal Dispenser, cap, and transport -- Your remote beverage station is ready wherever you need it. Featuring: dual brew basket lock incorporated into the Start switch, constant water temperature during 100% of the brew cycle, spray-over volume consistency and a dispense tube system that resists lime build up.

Detailed Product Description:

• Dual Brew Basket Safety Lock incorporated into start switch

• Stainless steel gourmet-style brewing basket with choice of handle colors (black, red, green or orange - will come as black unless ordered otherwise)

• Hot water faucet

• All stainless steel body construction

• Gravity Flow Dispense Tube System

• All solid state components

• Half-batch and iced tea brewing capabilities available

Dispensers are not included. Designed for use with the following Fetco Dispensers:

LS-15 1.5 Gallon LUXUS® Thermal Dispenser
LD-15 1.5 Gallon LUXUS® Thermal Dispenser
L3S-15 1.5 Gallon LUXUS® Thermal Dispenser
L3D-15 1.5 Gallon LUXUS® Thermal Dispenser
TPD-15 1.5 Gallon LUXUS® Thermal Dispenser

Uses Fetco filter F001 (Standard model) or Fetco filter F002 (Half-Batch and Iced Tea model)

Fetco Single Serving Stand SS-1 (for LS dispensers)
Fetco Twin Serving Stand SS-2 (for LS dispensers)
Fetco Triple Serving Stand SS-3 (for LS dispensers)
Fetco Single Serving Station S3S-15/20-1 (for L3S dispensers)
Fetco Twin Serving Station S3S-15/20-2 (for L3S dispensers)
Fetco Triple Serving Station S3S-15/20-3 (for L3S dispensers)

Fetco Quad Serving Station S3S-15/20-4 (for L3S dispensers)
Fetco Airpot Brewing Stand 9"
Fetco Brewing Stand for LS-15
Fetco 1.0/1.5 Gallon Hot Tea Infuser
Fetco Round Drip Tray
Fetco Iced Tea Brew Basket (13 X 5)
Fetco Half Batch Brew Basket (13 X 5)
Fetco TPD-15 Maritime Brewer & Server Ring
Fetco Acrylic Identifier Plates

Options Available:
Color Coded Dispenser Faucet Handles - Orange, Red, Blue, Green (Black is standard)
Colored Brew Basket Handle - Orange, Red, Green (Black is standard)
CBS-51H-15 Maritime Package or TPD-15 Only (Includes 2 X A029, Flanged Legs & Dispense Tube Funnel)
Iced Tea Brew Package (per side) (LUXUS 1.5G dispenser, Brew Basket and Controls)
Step Down Transformer
Three Phase Electrical
Water Sensitivity Set for Reverse Osmosis
Export Voltages

Batches per Hour: 8.6 to 11.0 depending on configuration
Electrical: Available in 120/208 single phase, 120/220 single phase, or 120/240 single phase. Require 3 wires + ground depending on configuration
Size: 12.0"W x 19.50"D x 35.75"H
Weight: 55 pounds
Warranty: Circuit boards: 3 years parts and 1 year labor; Electro-Mechanical parts: 2 years parts and 1 year labor; All other parts: 1 years parts and labor

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