Fetco Extractor CBS-2052e Coffee Brewer - Used [CBS-2052e -]

Fetco Extractor® CBS-2052e Coffee Brewer - Used

This model is used - it has been cleaned and tested and is guaranteed to work upon delivery.

Used equipment ships approximately 7-10 business days after order is placed.

Servers not included.

Twin 1.5 gallon Extractor® Coffee Brewer

The award-winning Extractor® Series features the Pulse-Brew Intermittent Spray Shower Brewing System with intermittent spray technology to ensure that the body, taste and aroma of the coffee pass into the customer’s cup without degradation. Other innovative features include external calibration and set-up, a large spray disc for optimal saturation and a pre-wet cycle that can be turned off or on to assure thorough extraction for accurately controlling the contact time allows for precision recipe development. Adjustable parameters include: Brew Volume, Brew Time, Pre-Wet Percent, Drip Delay, Brew Temperature, Bypass Percent, Pre-Wet Delay and Low Temp/No Brew. After brewing, the portable, insulated stainless steel LUXUS® Thermal Dispensers maintain the coffee’s integrity and perfect serving temperature for hours without a heat source. The latest patented technology of the award-winning LUXUS® Thermal Dispensers includes a Freshness Timer®, built-in drip tray and a Volume Indicator™.

Detailed Product Description:

• Pulse-Brew Intermittent Spray Shower technology with programmable brew volume, brew time, pre-wet percent, bypass percent, pre-wet delay and drip delay

• Stainless steel gourmet-style brewing basket with choice of handle colors (black, red, green or orange - will come as black unless ordered otherwise)

• Electronically-controlled hot water source

• All stainless steel body construction

• Large spray disc

• Brew basket locks during entire brewing cycle

• Three fully-programmable batch sizes per side

Dispensers are not included. Designed for use with the following Fetco Dispensers:
L3D-15 1.5 Gallon LUXUS® Thermal Dispenser
L3S-15 1.5 Gallon LUXUS® Thermal Dispenser
TPD-15 1.5 Gallon Dispenser 

Uses Fetco filter F001

Uses Fetco In-Line Water Filter and Replacement Cartridge

Fetco Single Serving Stand SS-1 (for LS dispensers)
Fetco Twin Serving Stand SS-2 (for LS dispensers)
Fetco Triple Serving Stand SS-3 (for LS dispensers)
Fetco Single Serving Station S3S-15/20-1 (for L3S dispensers)
Fetco Twin Serving Station S3S-15/20-2 (for L3S dispensers)
Fetco Triple Serving Station S3S-15/20-3 (for L3S dispensers)

Fetco Quad Serving Station S3S-15/20-4 (for L3S dispensers)

Fetco 1.5 Gallon Hot Tea Infuser
Fetco Round Drip Tray
Fetco Iced Tea Brew Basket
Fetco Acrylic Identifier Plates

Options Available:
Color Coded Dispenser Faucet Handles - Orange, Red, Blue, Green (Black is standard)
Colored Brew Basket Handle - Orange, Red, Green (Black is standard)
Export Voltages

Batches per Hour: 18.6 - 22.0
Electrical: Available in 120/208 single or triple phase, 120/220 single or triple phase, or 120/240 single or triple phase. Require 3 or 4 wires + ground depending on configuration
Size: 21.875"W x 19.125"D x 37.25"H
Weight: 92 pounds
Warranty: Guaranteed to work upon delivery, plus 30 days parts

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