Grindmaster 67710(E) 10-Gallon Urn [67710(E)]

Grindmaster 67710(E) High-Speed 10-Gallon Urn

High speed, high volume, tamper-resistant urn

Grindmaster AMW™ Urns make up the most complete line of coffee urns worldwide. AMW Urns provide the greatest advantages to the operator in three major areas; brewing of the highest quality, fresh roasted, delicious, coffee; holding of this coffee at the ideal temperature; and the easiest, fastest, safest coffee draw off. Urns are available in single, twin, or triple liners configurations varying in 3, 6, and 10-gallon capacity. A plethora of urn options allow multiple configurations to meet any coffee brewing volume demands and taste profiles.

Detailed Product Description:

10 gallon (38L) per liner

Dual sprayheads

Pump style urn

Simultaneous Two Side Brewing - Water is heated in large water compartment and is sprayed over the grounds by two independently controlled water pumps. Brew heads are mounted under hinged lockable covers

• Stainless Construction - All A.I.S.I. type 304, 18-8 stainless steel

• Constant Brew Temperature - Brew temperature varies less than 5ºF (3ºC) throughout spray over

• Innovative Indicators Eliminate Exterior Parts - Indicator lights replace gauge glasses. Water hot light replaces
thermometer. Completely internal air agitation system for each liner

• Automatic refill of water compartment - Water compartment automatically refills and reheats as needed

Tamper Resistant - All adjustable controls (timer, thermostats, sprayover flow control), are inside a lockable control box. Master on/off switch is behind a stainless steel, lockable panel. Control switches and pilot lights are protected behind a tamper resistant, one inch thick Lexan® cover plate

• Flanged Feet - Urn can be fastened to counter top to prevent tipping or movement

High Security - No Exposed Fasteners

Automatic coffee agitation -  Thoroughly mixes brewed coffee immediately after spray over is completed

Low water cutoff - Protects heating elements from burn out, at start-up or in operation

Designed For Safety - Eliminates potential burn hazard with two layers of high density fiberglass insulated body

• Hot Water Faucet

Stainless Steel brew baskets and legs

Stainless Décor

Available in electric (E) or steam (S) models

Export voltages available

Electrical: 15.0KW / 120/208V / 72A single phase
Size: 34-1/4"H x 40-1/2"W x 22"D
Weight: 275 pounds
Warranty: 2 years parts and 1 year labor

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