Grindmaster B-DGP PrecisionBrew™ Thermal Coffee Brewer [B-DGP]

Grindmaster B-DGP PrecisionBrew™ Thermal Coffee Brewer

Automatic Dual Thermal Brewer with 2 Brewheads

PrecisionBrew™ are digitally controlled brewers. The brew temperature and brew volumes are digitally controlled for complete accuracy. Water temperature is maintained to +-1°F throughout the brew cycle. Pre-Infusion and other
programmable brew process controls allow the operator to achieve a “signature” cup: to their exact brew process specification and taste profile. Other features include Low Temp-No Brew, which prevents brewing with water that has not
reached optimum brewing temperature.

The Grindmaster B-DGP is a twin, digitally controlled brewer. It brews into 2.5L (85 oz.) vacuum insulated gravity containers.

Detailed Product Description:

Brews directly into vacuum-insulated gravity container model GP-2.5. It is portable and holds fresh coffee for hours without adding heat

Durable stainless steel construction

High productivity – 6,000 watts of heating capacity.

Precise brew temperature - the brewer will hold the brew temperature to +/- 1 degrees F during the complete brew cycle

Pulse brewing/pre-infusion allows the brew sequence to extract up to 20% more dissolved solids per batch of coffee

Programmable: number of pulses, pulse on-time and pulse off-time can be changed without affecting the brew volume

Brew Volume can be set by "teach" mode to eliminate trial-and-error set-up

• Low Temp/No Brew - Allows the brew cycle to begin only when the water has reached the optimum brew temperature

• Cycle Counter - The brewer counts the total number of brew cycles

• Programming Lock-Out - The brewer settings can be “locked” to prevent tampering

Stainless steel brew basket

Gourmet Brew basket available as an option.

Stainless Décor

Export voltages available

Thermal Servers Not Included - Click Here for Grindmaster Thermal Carafes

Can Use Bunn Filter #20115

Electrical: Available in 120/240V / 6000W / 25A or 120/208V / 4492W / 21.6A
Plumbing: 1/4" Flare Water Line; 30-80 psi Water Line Pressure
Size: 29"H x 16-1/4"W x 17-3/4"D
Weight: 55 pounds
Warranty: 2 years parts and labor on the brewer.

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