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Industrial Coffee Makers: Best Industrial Coffee Makers

Industrial Coffee Makers


Some Industrial Coffee Makers to Consider:

Bunn Pourover Coffee Machines: traditional, commercial grade brewers with warmers and a pourover feature. These are less-expensive than the models that connect to a waterline. Available with 1 to 3 warmers

Bunn Automatic Coffee Machines: these have warmers and connect to a waterline and brew about 4 gallons/hour. Available with 1 to 6 warmers.

Bunn Airpot Coffee Machines: these brew directly into airpots so that the coffee does not sit on a heated warmer and continue to cook. Available in pourover and automatic; single and dual

Bunn Thermal Coffee Machines: these brew directly into either thermal carafes or thermal servers so that the coffee does not sit on a heated warmer and continue to cook. Available in pourover and automatic; single and dual

Fetco Extractor Coffee Machines: all Fetco brewers brew into thermal servers. Fetco has sizes from .5 to high-volume 6 gallon brewers, with single and dual available.

Curtis Pourover Coffee Machines: available with 1 to 3 warmers

Curtis Automatic Coffee Machines: available with 1 to 6 warmers.

Curtis Airpot and Thermal Machines: Curtis has airpot and thermal brewers in pourover or automatic

Curtis Urns: 3 and 6 gallon brewers for high volume needs

Newco OCS Carafe Machines: Newco actually makes many kinds of office coffee makers, but the OCS are great small volume brewers

Grindmaster Pourover Coffee Machines: Grindmaster makes pourover brewers that brew into coffee pots or airpots

Grindmaster Automatic Coffee Machines: available with 1 to 4 warmers; single or dual


Where would the American work force be without the coffee break? Even though it's a little time-out where nothing supposedly gets done, plenty gets done in that 5 or 10 minutes or so. That is the time when worker pause and take in the day. They connect and discuss the day's business, the day's news, the daily gossip. It is a time when the fabric of the company, and what it means to be a part of a company, is made stronger.

American workers work hard, and they deserve a good coffee of coffee. Cheap coffee, burned coffee and instant coffee don't work. It sends a signal that nobody cares. Good coffee sends a message that the worker or customer is valued and welcomed. The difference is only a few dollars, but it is a major difference.

The choices for industrial coffee makers have increased significantly in the last few years. With the advent recently of thermal servers and airpots that can keep the coffee hot a long time, many companies are trending toward purchasing an airpot brewer, thermal carafe brewer or a thermal server brewer. These brewers can often be the same brewers that are found in high-end coffee shops. They come with computerized touch-pad controls that can tweet many aspects of the brewing process, such as temperature, volume, pre-infusion and water pressure controls.

Some things to consider when purchasing an industrial coffee maker:

• Pourover or Automatic (hooks up to a waterline) - depends on volume, amount of money you want to spend and where your coffee maker is going

• Volume of coffee your will serve - breakfast and banquet restaurants will serve more coffee than other restaurants

• 110V or 220V - more power means more coffee, but your must have a 220V circuit available

• Do you want to brew into a traditional coffee pot that sits on warmers, or an airpot, thermal carafe or thermal server. Airpots and thermal carafes and servers can be carried to where the coffee is needed.

• Switch controls or touchpad controls