Newco NK-PDAF Automatic Thermal Dispenser Brewer - Tall [705326]

Newco NK-PDAF Automatic Thermal Dispenser Coffee Brewer - Tall

Automatic Thermal Dispenser Coffee Brewer

Detailed Product Description:

Brews into Tall Thermal Dispensers

Ready Light - provides visual notification to user as to when brewer is at optimum temperature

Low Profile Design - allows unit to be easily placed without modifications to locations. Fits under low cabinet construction

Pour-Over Feature - allows the account to continue to have fresh brewed coffee even if an interruption in the automation of the machine or water line should occur

Gravity Hot Water Faucet System - dispenses hot water while brewing without altering the brew volume

Flip-up Switch Cover - stylish branding box hides the switches from the end user, while providing a sleek cover with the option of your company’s logo and artwork to capture your coffee audience

Stainless Steel Cabinet - provides stability and durability.

Private Labeling - available for brewer faceplate

Plugs into regular 120V outlet

Export voltages available

Thermal Dispenser not Included - Click Here for Newco Tall Thermal Dispensers

Use Newco Filter #100549

Electrical: 120V / 1400W / 11.7A
Plumbing: 1/4" Flare Water Line; 20-90 psi Water Line with minimum flow rate of 1.5 GPM.
Size: 26"H x 11"W x 17.75"D
Weight: 44 pounds
Warranty: 1 years parts and labor

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 30 August, 2010.