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Single Hopper Bunn Coffee Grinder

Single Hopper Bunn Coffee Grinder

Bunn coffee grinders come in a range of models with portion control to suit a wide variety of commercial coffee makers. Single-hopper Bunn coffee grinders are ideal for a single type of regular or specialized for any Bunn coffee maker (though of course they combine very well with other commercial coffee maker brands).

Bunn's Digital French Press Coffee Grinder has a single hopper that can hold threepounds of beans. A batch setting allows the user to specify the precise, desired amount of coffee for a particular French press or other drip-style coffee.

Bunn's Portion Control Coffee Grinder comes in either black or stainless steel decor. A single hopper holds nine pounds of beans each and portion control allows you to select the right amount of coffee every time. Bunn's Tall Portion Control Coffee Grinder - Stainless is slightly taller to accommodate large funnels for such Bunn coffee makers as the Airpot Brewer, Single, Dual, and GMB-PS. Also in stainless, the Tall Portion Control Coffee Grinder is available with an Automatic Brewer Interface, allowing you to brew multiple batch sizes.

Bunn's Weight-Driven Coffee Grinder -in stainless or black is perfectly suited to today's specialty Bunn coffee makers. A single hopper holds up to six pounds of beans. Portion control is based on weight for a perfect amount of coffee every time, for any of three batch sizes, although you can also select grinds based upon time. Its height makes it perfect for tall funnels and an LCD display shows status and trouble-shooting diagnostics. BrewWISE® intelligence means that the Smart Hopper™ controls the grind and brew from start to finish, while the BrewWISE Recipe Writer lets you create and store recipes.

At 15.7 inches high, the Bunn LPG Coffee Grinder is a low-profile machine in stainless steel with a single, six-pound hopper that displays fresh coffee beans.

A three-year warranty on the grinding burrs with a two-year warranty on all other parts and a one-year labor warranty is standard for all Bunn coffee grinders. Likewise, 120V/15 amp with 2-wires plus ground service are the standard electrical requirements, but always consult each machine's individual technical specifications.

    Product Name   Model-   Price   Buy Now 
 Bunn G9WD-RH Weight-Driven Coffee Grinder - Black   Bunn G9WD-RH Weight-Driven Coffee Grinder - Black   40700.0002   $1,569.95 
 Bunn G9WD-RH Weight-Driven Coffee Grinder - Stainless   Bunn G9WD-RH Weight-Driven Coffee Grinder - Stainless   40700.0001   $1,519.95 
 Bunn LPG Coffee Grinder   Bunn LPG Coffee Grinder   20580.0001   $609.95 
 Bunn G9T-HD-Tall Grinder - Stainless, ABI   Bunn G9T-HD-Tall Grinder - Stainless, ABI   05800.0027   $969.95 
 Bunn G9-HD Grinder - Black   Bunn G9-HD Grinder - Black   05800.0013   $969.95 
 Bunn G9T-HD-Tall Grinder - Stainless   Bunn G9T-HD-Tall Grinder - Stainless   05800.0003   $929.95 
 Bunn G9-HD Grinder - Stainless   Bunn G9-HD Grinder - Stainless   05800.0001   $899.95 
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