Grindmaster GPOD Pod Coffee Brewer


Grindmaster GPOD Pod Coffee Brewer


Grindmaster GPOD Pod Coffee Brewer

Single-Cup Consumer Pod Brewer

Detailed Product Description:

PrecisionBrew Single Cup Brewing System – A non-proprietary pod-based brewing system combines commercial infusion technology with digitally controlled brew sequencing to ensure a great tasting cup of coffee every time, in less than one minute.

EasyPod Brew Basket – Our exclusive design accepts a wide variety of pods, allowing you to choose your favorite coffee or tea. Plus, the brew basket is dishwasher safe.

BrewControl Flavor Selector – 4-position adjustable brew strength control allows you to easily fine tune the strength of each cup to match your personal preference. It includes three positions for coffee and one position for tea.

AccuBrew Brewing Interface – An easy-to-follow, five-color LED display makes brewing simple. A low-water alert notifies you when it?s time to refill the reservoir

Energy Savings Feature – The unit features an automatic shut-off that is activated after 36 hours of inactivity

• High Performance Design – Stylish, state-of-the-art design. The brewer is designed to take up minimal counter space while making a big impact on coffee quality

• High Capacity Refillable Water Reservoir – Extra large capacity of the hot water tank and water reservoir allows you to always be ready to brew multiple cups anytime. The water reservoir is easily removed for refilling. The reservoir has a removable lid and ergonomic handles to assist in the filling process

Black Décor

Export Models Available

Electrical: 120V / 1300W / 12A
Size: 12-1/4? H x 6-5/8? W x 10-5/8? D
Weight: 7 pounds
Warranty: 1 years replacement warranty

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