Rancilio Epoca Espresso Machine [RAEPOCHA]

Rancilio Epoca ST-1 Espresso Machine

Commercial Quality Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine Epoca ST-1

The Epoca S1 Tank is the perfect espresso machine for your home coffee bar, cafe, bistro and for those needing to serve professional espresso drinks in portable environments. A press of the soft-touch start/stop delivery button provides a perfect shot of espresso with its powerful vibration pump for consistent results every time.

Detailed Product Description:

Simple to Use Controls - A rocker switch turns on the power to the machine, while a button above the brew group lets you manually start and stop the brewing process. A color-coded pressure gauge informs you of when the water or boiler pressure is low.

Brass Boiler - Made of heat distributing brass, the powerful 3.9-liter heat exchanger boiler means you can switch back and forth between brewing and steaming with no down time.

Commercial-Grade Portafilter, Brew Group and Filter Baskets - The Epoca ST comes with a heavy-duty single spout and double spout portafilter. Chrome-plated brass portafilters are excellent for temperature stability throughout the brewing process. This commercial brew group also provides excellent heat stability as well as component longevity.

67 oz. Water Tank - a large water reservoir means there's more time between refills.

Three-Way Solenoid Valve - The Rancilio Epoca ST features a commercial quality three-way solenoid valve. This valve relieves the machine of water pressure, allowing you to brew again almost immediately. A solenoid valve also removes more water from the coffee puck making it easier to empty the portafilter.

Cup Heater - A cup-warming surface on the top of the machine lets you keep your espresso at the right temperature when it is being poured; so important for a fine espresso.

15 BAR Heavy Duty Pump - The secret to a great espresso is a water pump that has the power to force water through the coffee grounds to extract the full flavor from the coffee.

Makes up to 70 drinks per hour.

# Included Accessories: 1 single and 1 double portafilter handle each with basket, espresso tamper, and coffee measure

No Special Plumbing or Electrical Requirements - Just plug it in and it’s ready to operate.

Color: Black and Silver
Power: 1600 watts - 120 volts
Size: 19"H x 15"W x 22"D
Weight: 62 pounds
Body Material: ABS plastic over steel frame with stainless steel
Warranty: 12-month parts and labor
Support: Unlimited toll free technical support
Origin: Italy

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