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Thermal Coffee Makers: Best Thermal Coffee Maker Equipment Equipment

Thermal Carafe Coffee Makers

Some Thermal Coffee Makers to Consider:

Bunn Thermal Carafe Brewers: commercial grade brewers, including carafe brewers, thermal server brewer, single and dual, automatic and pourover

Bunn Thermal Carafes and Servers: premium and economy, regular and decaf, base and baseless

Fetco Extractor Coffee Brewers: actually, all Fetco brewers brew into thermal servers. Fetco has sizes from .5 to 6 gallon brewers, with single and dual available.

Fetco Luxus Thermal Dispensers: Fetco's thermal servers

Curtis Thermal Brewers: Curtis has thermal brewers in pourover or automatic

Curtis ThermoPro Carafes: available in premium and economy, regular and decaf

Newco OCS Carafe Brewers: Newco actually makes many kinds of thermal brewers, but the OCS are great brewers for home or small offices

Grindmaster Thermal Carafes: Grindmaster makes a dual thermal server brewer and a single carafe brewer

Grindmaster Thermal Servers and Carafes: regular and decaf carafes and .5 gallon thermal servers


Thermal Carafe Coffee Makers

12 Cup Thermal Coffee Maker
10 Cup Thermal Coffee Maker
8 Cup Thermal Coffee Maker
Dual Thermal Coffee Maker


In the last few years, the trend in coffee makers have been away from the traditional coffee brewers where the coffee is brewed into a pot that sits on a warmer and toward brewers that brew into a thermal server that does not require a heat source. The thermal server can be a thermal carafe, airpot, vacuum pitcher or thermal server.

The main advantage of brewing into a thermal server is that the coffee is not continuously exposed to heat. After the brewing process concludes, heat is bad for coffee. Coffee is a chemically complex solution, and the heat burns off aromas and volatile compounds, changes and destroys parts of the taste profile and causes water to evaporate, leaving bitter, burned coffee.

Other great advantages of thermal coffee makers:

• There is no warmer, so nobody can leave it on accidentally

• The thermal carafe can be carried to wherever the coffee is needed

• One less part (the warmer) to go bad on the brewer

• Less electricity used

The main concern about thermal servers is that the coffee will cool off before it is consumed. With current technologies, however, coffee in thermal servers only loses 5 or so degrees in a couple of hours, which is plenty of time to drink the coffee.

Many very high volume locations, such as busy restaurants, still like the idea of brewing into traditional coffee pots that can be carried from table to table and it is easy to see how much coffee is available and when another pot needs to be brewed. But, for most locations, a thermal server makes more sense.